My first & last music concert

There would hardly be any bore ass person in the world who doesn't like music. Thought the way we listen and enjoy may differ from person to person. I always fancied going to a concert and few months back I had a chance to go to Metallica concert in Abu Dhabi, but sadly I could not attend and that was my concert ticket down the drain.

Luckily I got a chance once again and this time it was my favorite band 'The Eagles' live in Dubai. Grabbed those tickets and with all excitement (which generally doesn't show on my dumb face) got the tickets with my buddies and landed up on the venue. The concert atmosphere is amazing, audience is jam packed, fans are going crazy. And then there was me, sitting there like a stone. People are cheering, yelling, clapping, some even dancing but my parts don't seem to move an inch except changing positions in the semi-comfy grass where I laid my ass down. Now events like this are meant to be enjoyed, and though I enjoy it doesn't really feel to me like enjoyment even with the atmosphere like that. So even though the concert was really a good one and I loved it, but me not really getting in the groove for that stuff, I would prefer to save those bucks and get something for me then sitting somewhere far off in the crowd and do nothing.

Now if only I had a chance to photograph the event that would have been a different story altogether but that was not it. The security didn't even allow my beloved lil ass camera in the arena. After show fireworks were great as well and I grabbed some shots with my mobile phone. (I still don't understand why people brag about taking pics from there phone and saying I took those from my iPhone. Wow cool, stfu it's still a goddamn mobile phone and that's it).

So here are some crappy shots from the phone and a crappy video with crappy audio which doesn't really justify the actual mind blowing experience but something is better then nothing. Signing off for the moment and I m keeping up well with my delayed posts.