My first 35mm film

Its a digital world and still some of the analogue stuff does bring back memories into our life. I spent my childhood looking at my dad fiddling around with film cameras from Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Cosina, Practika, etc and those were the times when I had no idea what photography was all about and how can you get so involved in it. But here I am today with a collection of a lot of genres of photography in my portfolio (or whatever anyone would call it, I call it my babies and I made them). Inspite of being surrounded by film SLRs since childhood, I never had the courage to load a film camera with film, scared I might ruin it. The images had more value in those days than today where literally everyone is a sort of photographer, cameras are easy to operate, memory is cheaper than archiving film and prints. We click massive amonts of pictures today which was a little heavy on the pocket with films and developing. I have shot more pictures in a year than my dad did in 10 years, but not even printed 1% of my work comparatively.

Now I was a 100% digital person in photography but still I am a sucker for old things. I do have access to my dad's Nikon F60, but it looks too modern and pretty close to my digital D90. A friend of my dad happily offered me his old Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 35 mm film camera when he heard I wanted to do my bits with film photography and wanted something that looks like it belonged to my grandpa. The condition was pretty dusty and even after a bit of cleaning it still has enough dust to give you allergies but a pleasure to use anyway. Grabbed a couple of films that dad got from his regular lab back home, Fuji Crystal Xtra 400. I loaded it with film and used to take random shots, just wanted to finish one roll and see the output I get from the camera. So I was down with 36 shots on the Yashica and tried to rewind. And surprise knocks me off, the film didn't load at all. I was clicking blank. Oopsie, thats what you go through when doing something being too eager. Disappointment yes, but actually I didn't take it out of home for shoot. So all well, better luck next time.

Beautiful kit and came with a nifty fifty as well.

One fine day I saw a oldie Nikon FE body on eBay in a pretty good condition. I would describe it as mint condition after I got my hands on it. Pretty slick for a camera that is almost 30+ years old. Old school manual solid piece of equipment. My made in china 50 mm 1.8D looks a plasticky for it.

And one family portrait with both brothers together. Pretty much similar in look and size but the Nikon ups with more features.

Getting the camera was one thing, then starts the hunt for film. I still had those couple of Fuji Crystal Xtra 400 color film rolls but now if you are going old school, better shoot black & white. Hunted down ILFORD Delta 400 B&W film with the help of our local friendly GPP (Gulf Photo Plus) folks. Before that the Nikon FE was loaded with the previous color film and I clicked it off with the weekend shoot of a red hot AUDI A5 for CarbonOctane. Glad it was color loaded in the barrel of my cam for that. Love the color accuracy. And here are the shots of the pretty machine, shot with another pretty machine. And those are officially my first ever images from 35mm film.

And a few random ones for a bit of variety. Absolutely love the way colors are rendered with such accuracy. No WB ;)

Overall a very satisfying output, way better than what I expected as I suck with manual focus. But these old school things are sure much better with manual things than the live view manual focusing in digitals. And still waiting to get the ILFORD black and white from the lab for film part 2.

All pics shot with Nikon FE / 50mm 1.8 D / Fujifilm Crystal Xtra 400 and uploaded straight up the CD from the lab as developed.