Fuji X Affair Continues

It's been a couple of months that I have been associated with Fujifilm and got a chance to try out their premium X-Series cameras from the lovely X100 to the mighty X-Pro 1 and the recently launched X-E1. The thing about these Fuji cameras is that the more you use them the more you keep falling in love with them. I was not able to do proper justice to the testing sessions as I was hooked up with other activities and had less time to shoot. I love taking any of the 3 along for street walks and that was mostly my main use, street photography. My primary DSLR did have a long rest while I was on a date with Fuji.

It's true that you will take some time to get used to the Fuji but its not that complicated either. It does have some cons but the pros weight more than the cons and Fujifilm is quick to sort out the shortcomings very quickly as well. My experience with these Fuji camera's has been pretty good. I love to make images with these cameras because they fit most of my expectations that I have with a small size camera. I still expect  more improvements and my prayers seem to be answered with the X100S which is recently launched. X100 was my favourite of the 3. I almost had the X-E1 in my stable but the announcement of X100S will keep me waiting for a while till its arrival in our region. The reason for my love for X100 is because its the smallest of the lot. X-Pro 1 was comparatively a big one but X-E1 fills that gap with the same feel and quality while being physically smaller. While the number 1 complain that most users had was the focusing speed, I was fine with that. For the image quality you get out of it, you cannot call it lagging much. Yes its slower if compared to DSLRs but thats a different thing. Image quality is on-par or better than most APS-C DSLRs out there and that makes it a sure-shot winner because I do mind lugging around my DSLR 24x7 but no issues carrying any of the Fuji's. While going out on casual street walks or get-togethers I always used to stare at my big DSLR and think should I carry it along or not but with these cameras there is no second thought, its easy to tag along wherever you go which is a good excuse to take more pictures. The size is perfect, not too small and not big in any way. Top it up with the amazing FUJINON optics, these are a package that will be more than what you asked for.

Scroll through the post for a collection of street photography and casual photo walks all around UAE with the awesome x-trio in the past couple of months.
































A bulk of monotone colourless world so far and its not because I don't like colours, I am a sucker for black and white images. But Fujifilm is also famous since film days for its colours and even in their digital incarnation it has not lost the thing that it was know for. Colors in the images are brilliant straight from the camera, very vivid and vibrant. Some examples of the colorfulness of fuji sensor as you scroll below.





 To sum it up, what I like about the trio - Love high ISO performance, no complaints at all. Most of the images above were shot at high ISO, just click on any image to go to my Flickr page for the EXIF data if you want to peep in further for the settings. LENSES - Top class and brilliant once again. My favourite from the 4 lenses I tried was the 35mm f1.4 and was highly impressed with the new 18-55 f2.8-4 that comes along as a kit with X-E1, a very versatile lens. Handy travel companion if you need the flexibility of zoom over primes. Camera and controls : Most of the stuff I need were easy to access, no need to dig down in menus.

My single problem and frustrating factor was the slow read/write speed. Have to wait a while from one image to next till the image is written on the SD card. Even using a class10 card did not improve much there. Turning image preview off might resolve this problem but I am not sure as I did not try that. Auto focus speed can still be quicker and it looks like the new X100S has already answered to those problems. Now the wait is on to get a hands on with X100S when it hits the local market. Appreciate Fujifilm Middle East and McCollins Media for their kindness to handover the amazing cameras for a trial. I am convinced with the Fujiflim cameras and it won't be long till I adopt one of my own. Hope you like the images presented above, until next post, Ciao!