Stuck with unknown little camera

Welcome to one more experience and the continued delayed post syndrome. I don't need to update on time, coz this ain't a news channel. So like all weekends are, there was this one weekend where I actually didn't have any sort of midnight plan to shoot but just hang around, regular food and saffron tea and crap talk till late. But then like always we have to shoot. And even though the plan was starting out early in morning like regular people do, at around sunrise. Well that start never comes, coz we just don't seem to go home at night for some good sleep. Weekend night is night off for sleep for quiet some time now. I have given a bit of rest to the big Nikon and am lovin hanging out with the GF2 even more after I got the awesome piece of 1.8 glass for it. Except for the battery life. That night was just a starter for a long street walk later on. And there was no way my battery was goin to last till the sunrise. So Brian decides to come for the rescue and offering to recharge my battery at his place and come back in a couple of hours. All well, wonderful, great. So one last tea and he's off and we continue the crap talk for a while and its time to shoot. And its 2.30am something. Well ok, Brian is coming in a while.

Up there at the location on top of the bridge. No signs of Brian so far. (Deep inside I knew he ll Zzzz-off) So I thought I hang around do some phone-o-graphy. But there is a little surprise in Subodh's bag. Another camera. Cool. A little canon. Ok hopefully better then a phone maybe, except the special fx and apps. This reminded me of  - Gear doesn't matter  So I don't know shit about the operation stuff of the camera. But it can be figured out. If I cant do that much I have no right to continue with photography. I started photography with those kind of auto cameras where the only illusionary 'M' button you may see is the middle finger button. I don't do M, i m green, eco friendly auto camera with a sensor smaller than a puppies ball. No 'broblem', lets go scene modes and squeeze all the camera can give. If I have arrived, then there is no way I m going empty handed. Thankfully I had a Gorillapod in the bag.

So here it starts. Top of a bridge, slow traffic but good enough to get light trails. Yippie, fireworks mode is where I get the slowest shutter speed in that camera. (past experience counts aswell) Forget getting people sharp, if u r handicap just play the blur game.

If such things happen to any of u, its good. I personally don't think the above images look anything like snapshots. They look like pictures, they look like photography to me. U seriously think more than you used to think to get some images. Even though the images taken with the camera may not pass the Quality tests, there is no stop to creativity with what-so-ever tool you have in hand. Just fall in love with noise, blur n stuff and stop complaining. Something is like 1000-stops above nothing.

And below is the noisiest image of the night. Interesting.

And this one below, i guess is the cleanest or smoothest.

And right after the bench, we got into the fish and meat market where I may have the most disgusting images I have clicked for which I shall make a separate post hopefully in the coming years. Plus I was reunited with my Pany battery to start firing off bokehlicious shots in the fish mkt. Till then moving the clock few hours fwd to the end of the deira street walk where I was back with the tiny cam after my Pany battery passed away and below are some of the bright sunlight shots from the same little one.

Any of this ain't gonna stop me from buying new cameras. (I suffer from buying sickness). I started borrowing my office fellows compacts to take along and test for fun but unfortunately I ve stopped shooting for an unspecified period of time.

P.S: Holy shit, is this the longest blog post of my life or what. Whoever made it to reading this p.s., thank you. All images of this post shot with a Canon A800 compact camera and processed 100% photoshop.