2nd film & a few bits more

A couple of week back I got my second 35mm film processed, my first black and white film. So I got to test both the color and the black and white outputs as well as the second hand camera performance for problems if any. Thankfully everything went smooth and the tools are a nice addition to the ever-growing collection. And in-between I did find a couple of more lenses to add to the oldies collection and my dad's fairly modern film camera arrived aswell with the power of autofocus. I m a sucker for old looking stuff so I jump on to anything retroISH I get at a decent dollar. I am not a theoretically sound person with photography or anything else, it just doesn't matter to me as long as it works and as long as I love it. My move to film can't be full time as I am a digital media person and I ll use RAW files more than films. There is always a lot to learn in digital in the ever advancing technology. But digital is like a comfort zone for everyone these days, like a safe house with all its supernatural awesome powers to make it look whatever way we want instantly. I am also one of the residents of the same comfort zone and sometimes I start to feel bland and then I have to push myself to some strange land. So I have stepped in the film territory and I love the experience. The look of film is already digitally imitated in various forms and I have been through that long back, but that experience and the hassle can't be imitated. Its about the feel of using that solid metal old time tool, the feel of trying to figuring out stuff, the excitement of waiting for your film to get developed and the eagerness to go through those 36 frames is a priceless experience. Like how MasterCard ad says - there are some things that money can't buy - I would translate it as 'there are some experiences that we cannot download.' I am off the beaten path and finding something new and embracing all the flaws that come with it and just love it.

Those were my few bragging bits n stuff and now back to the 2nd 35mm developments. This time its black & white ILFORD Delta 400. I do want to take the film cam to streets and for some portraits but that will happen when the mercury calms down a bit and I can take a walk round my village with some weight. But if I shot on film I ll keep it in its purest form as developed and won't allow my Ps to fiddle with them. Keeping it real and pure ;)

Scroll through some my favorites from the bunch of 36 B&W exposures below.


The iconic Lamborghini Logo


Lamboghini Gallardo for CarbonOctane


Digital shots are featured in CarbonOctane reader beater section for the monster Gallardo with credits to the respective photographers carrying out the shoot.



Multiple exposure on BMW 750 Li. My digital shots and review is up on CarbonOctane


The Audi A5 Cabrio. Also seen in color on my first 35mm blog post and my friends majestic D800 shots on CarbonOctane





Nobody is going to learn anything from my writing as I m the worst teacher and I simply can't explain the why and how of anything. I wasn't much appreciated for my absolute digital work or my pure photography venture. I can't post every singe roll of film I got processed but I will always keep posting without the mention of the actual tools used to make the picture as it can be a mix of FX, DX, m4/3, mobile or film or maybe something else. Finally what people will see is the image and I carry on with my experiences and digging into new stuff. Soon I may have to put up the actual film pic for a proof of these images LOL.

Photography is photography, be that digital or analogue. Stop sweating the medium, just keep taking pictures and everything will be OK. - Martin Taylor

All pics shot with Nikon FE / 50 mm 1.8 D / ILFORD Delta 400 Film