The best camera . . . ?

We, as in People, always want the best of everything and that's perfectly fine to expect. Be it life, be it work, be it quality of whatever you buy or just anything that you can think of. I'm here just to write (rant) about the obsession in the photography world for what's the best camera, what's the best lens. And also because it's been a while since I made my previous blogpost, so now is a good time for me to write about something with the usual dose of humor and sarcasm.

It is annoying to read suggestions that mention that CAMERA X and LENS Y is the best. What makes it the best and for what? Almost 99% of the time it's not really a best recommendation, it's just someone's personal opinion and preference irrespective of all the practical reasons that could exist. A top of the line camera with a top of the line pro lens of a particular focal length may not be the best option for a newbie looking to just start digging into photography. Probably a base model with kit lens is best for the person right now, maybe buying a cheaper second hand kit and getting a feel of the tools could work well. Later the person can decide if it's worth spending on upgrade or realizing that maybe photography is not for him/her or the only use one has is for snapshots of kids, pets, social gatherings, etc. Everything is very subjective to the final use. Some gear works great on streets, some shine in studio, some great in sports. Different purpose, different tools.

Some of the brands and their products that I have used or familiar with. 

BRAND A. The "single digit model" with a "single alphabet" right after it (as of now) because it's the most expensive camera in A's lineup. It works wonders in low light, great ISO, awesome AF, shivering FPS. Or maybe the 3 digit model for the highest megapixel count with best DR in their stable. So the best brand A cameras  - Single digit model and the higher three digit model. From three digit lower series and below, you are just a low ballin' scumbag because those are not the best cameras.

BRAND B. The same reasons as Brand A but they also have a "single digit model" with two alphabets and some more, the highest megapixel full frame camera, ever (for now). Notice the pattern in brand A and B, they are incapable of producing a single best camera for all purposes in their lineup and that's a pity. No single camera to do everything that people want. Something of digit 1 performance, 111 sensor and 1111 price, wishful thinking. I just have a crappy desire to have vanilla milkshake with ice cubes made of sugar on the moon tomorrow at 2200hrs #wishfulthinking. Oh but wait a min, brand A and brand B best cameras have mirrors. F * * K.

BRAND C. Wow "alphabet number alphabet" II looks like the perfect best camera. Container load megapixels, out of the world dynamic range, in-body disco dancer image stabilization, no mirror, 4K video OMG OMG OMG. Ah but maybe I will have to use a brand B lens on it because brand C decided to make only the best chip and forgot a lot of other things. WTF.

BRAND D. It does have the 'x' factor and does not have the damn mirror, but ahem… no full frame sensor and such shitty video. It sucks. Technically not qualifying for the best camera even though it carries an impressive line-up of glass and great imaging sensor. 

BRAND E. It's out before it could be qualified. Tiny little piece of s * * t and only half the size of a full frame sensor. Damn it. Compete when you can put 2 of those sensors in one body and call it a day. 

BRAND F. Fanboys - YES. Full frame - YES. Great optics - YES. AF - F * * K. Over and out. Why do we need to kidnap a bunch of people, rip off their kidneys for sale and then get brand F for bragging rights ? Right ? 

BRAND G. Still working on full frame. Not yet eligible. In its defense they do make medium format, but majority of the world does not care about how brilliant it is.

BRAND H. No FF, only MF. Can it be the best one. No, Too expensive. Poor high ISO. Lame FPS. Not the best then. Ok, maybe with a little less money than being a proud brand H owner, we can just buy a civic and pimp it up with sexy alloys, carbon fiber hood and noisy exhaust and roll our a** round town. 

We don't know when FULL FRAME sensors became the must have criteria for the best camera, and a zoom with 2.8 or a prime with 1.4 for the best lens.

Another long list of comment war starts on many forums when you suggest a third party lens to OEM fans (Sigma/Tamron on CaNikon, Voigtlander on Leica, etc) then the reaction can be quiet dramatic like - you are a muslim and you wanna marry a jewish. Now just imagine the reaction of a typical conservative religious family.

For once, if we stopped being unhappy about not having the best camera + lens but concentrate on making "THE BEST PICTURE" then the photography world will have much more inspiration in a positive way. Having the most expensive camera will not make you a better photographer. As the saying goes, "Some people are so poor, the only thing they have is money." Instead practice your craft, learn everyday, enrich your talents and make the best use of the gear you have. If you cannot be happy with what you have right now and not able to use your tools to the full potential then trust me, technology will screw you pretty bad. Nothing will be ever made to satisfy human carvings until and unless the human in question learns to be content with what one has and use it to the full potential. Gear doesn't matter is also not true, it matters but again at a subjective level. It's not the end of the world. "Keep Calm & Carry On."